VIDEO: Pupils get creative for Arts Week

Submitted by St Mary’s C of E Primary School

What an incredible week. The children at St Mary’s C of E Primary School in Pulborough have been having great fun being creative during their art week and produced some fantastic artwork.

JPCT 050713 S13280502x  St Mary's School Pulborough, Art Week -photo by Steve Cobb

JPCT 050713 S13280502x St Mary's School Pulborough, Art Week -photo by Steve Cobb

The aim this year was to raise the profile of sculpture and three dimensional art.

The children started the week by looking at some impressive, awe inspiring sculptures by contemporary artists. This was a great starting point and the children gained a greater understanding of what sculpture was and its endless possibilities.

The classes all got fully involved in a wide range of artistic projects. Not only that, it also provided great opportunities to make cross curricula links in a meaningful and fun way.

New Zealand, Italy and Sierra Leone classes made some amazing sculptures using wire and foil.

New Zealand and Italy linked this to R.E and created biblical figures whereas Sierra Leone linked it to the work of Van Gogh and his Sunflower paintings.

They also worked with Horsham based mixed media sculptor Irma Westerdijk, to make a large sculpture of Mary for our reflective garden.

It was a great opportunity for the children to work with a local sculptor and to be involved in the whole process.

We were also lucky enough to have local artist Mary Crabb (as featured in the County Times July 4 edition), from Storrington, to come and work with year 3 and 4. She inspired us to create colourful shape sculptures using paper, linking art with maths.

Key Stage 1 and the Foundation Stage also got fully involved following a seaside theme.

The children had the opportunity to work on some large scale projects using a range of resources, including recycled materials. In the Foundation Stage they also created some big bright striking flowers along the fence using recycled carrier bags.

The whole week has been a huge success. The headteacher, Mrs Heath, would like to thank all the staff, artists and parents who came in to help, for making this such a wonderful week.