VIDEO: Disappointment in Mannings Heath at homes plan for ‘one of best villages in England’

The boss of two of the district’s biggest attractions has urged Mannings Heath residents to work with him over development plans for a strip of land in the village.

Danny Pecorelli, managing director of Exclusive Hotels, which runs Mannings Heath Golf Club and South Lodge Hotel, made a presentation to residents at a Nuthurst Parish Council meeting on Wednesday March 6 about housing on a seven-acre site off Winterpit Lane.



He said that while he presented an option of 64 homes south of the golf course, development could take a different shape, and he hoped villagers would engage with him as concrete plans were formed.

He said: “We are part of the community and we want to engage with it.”

Winterpit Close resident Kim Francis said she chose her property for its stunning outlook, and was happy to live in one of the best villages in England.

She added: “Obviously I am horrified of the personal impact, however I do not want to appear to follow a personal and/or selfish crusade, but to open the debate up as to the reasons and benefits of the said development.

“It would be very easy to cast Mr Pecorelli as the pantomime villain, but actually I fully understand that commercial pragmatism from his perspective must prevail.”

Keith Davison, of The Quarries, shared his thought on the proposals to camera.

For the full story see p.7 of this week’s West Sussex County Times.