VIDEO: Chicken man hands out 1p computer glitch chocolate in Horsham

By Ollie McAteer

I was taught never to take chocolate from a stranger. But a giant chicken man is another story.

Chicken man hands out chocolate

Chicken man hands out chocolate

It’s not a usual sight to behold in Horsham. But on Saturday (October 12) you may have spotted a feathered teenager handing out hundreds of bars of chocolate from a shopping trolley. For free.

Thanks to a system glitch, Scott Moyse managed to snag nearly 400 boxes of Thorntons Chocolate which he claims was incorrectly priced at one pence a piece on its website.

At the grand total of £10.90, the 18-year-old forked out more for the delivery charge than he did for the goods.

Scott, of Heron Way, Horsham, said he saw the hugely discounted chocs advertised via social media site Facebook.

Free chocolate

Free chocolate

Apparently they’re worth £4 each, which would amount to more than £1,000 for this impressive haul.

I approached Thorntons - which could capitalise on a good PR spin here - to clarify the situation, but it didn’t get back to me before this paper went to press.

“There wasn’t any great logic to it, I just ordered the 400 and went from there,” explained the teen.

“A couple of days later 400 boxes of chocolate arrived at my door, and I thought, ‘what can I do with them?’.”

Free chocolate

Free chocolate

Scott described the delivery truck driver as bemused. Then happy after receiving some free chocolate.

Undecided about what to do with the load, Scott enlisted the help of food friend George Williams, 18.

They first built a metre high wall with the boxes, as you would.

The duo ruled out selling them and making a large profit.

Free chocolate

Free chocolate

Instead, Scott rummaged through his wardrobe, picked out his finest chicken costume, and took to the streets of Horsham to inject some fun into the town on a Saturday afternoon.

“We thought it would make some people happy and it would be more enjoyable than just selling them,” he continued.

“Plus there aren’t many occasions where you can wear a chicken costume and get away with it - I’ll never turn down the opportunity.”

A colourful sign declaring ‘FREE CHOCOLATE’ was crafted and stuck to the front of trolley filled with the goods.

George photographed and filmed their exploits which was eventually uploaded to the video sharing website Youtube.

The pair barely made it through Piries Place alive as chocolate fiends launched themselves at the trolley.

“Almost half of them had gone before we actually made it into the centre of town,” said a surprised Scott.

“I almost wish I had ordered 4,000.”

Initially, people approached the teens with caution. Free chocolate? What’s the catch? I’d be the same.

“Most people were quite confused but as soon as one person got involved everyone ambushed us.

“They were all really friendly.

“I had a few people running after me saying ‘I’ve been told to look out for the giant chicken’.”

The Youtube video ‘Giving out Chocolate (in Horsham)!’ has proved a hit, attracting nearly 1,000 views and 36 approving thumbs up.

George filmed Scott stacking up the boxes at home and made a montage of chocolate giveaways around the town centre. If you look close enough, you may even spot a chicken dancing in a lift.

They’ve received praise from many.

One comment left under the video reads: “I love my town :D nice job boys x”

Another read: “Love this mate, absolutely brilliant :)”

And whoever said kids these days give themselves a bad name?

Thank you boys for plucking up the courage to brighten a sleepy weekend in Horsham.