VIDEO: Authentic Japanese beauty awaits us ladies

Ladies, on the corner of East Street sits a contemporary Japanese restaurant called Wabi which now provides an evening of affordable luxury every Tuesday night.

The restaurant’s name originates from the term ‘wabi sabi’, which describes a traditional Japanese beauty - simple and undeclared.

Wabi salmon tacos

Wabi salmon tacos

This is a theme which runs from the chic oak décor and worn floors to the delicate portions of understated yet flavourful food.

Now the experience can be enjoyed for just £22 because ‘Ladies Night’ has returned for almost £10 less than before.

Reporters Nikki Cutler and Anna Coe were delighted to sample the special menu during the relaunch night on January 22.

The six course menu offers some of the restaurant’s most ‘accessible’ dishes, meaning every course provides truly authentic Japanese ingredients but diners should not feel afraid to try what is placed in front of them.

Wabi BBQ pork belly buns

Wabi BBQ pork belly buns

Tea smoked salmon is flaked and balanced on delicate rice senbei crisps.

Tempura shrimp, vegetables and squid are light yet full of flavour, with a slightly spiced dipping sauce.

A pork belly bun with peanut soy is a deliciously sweet steamed bun encasing a slender piece of succulent meat.

The sushi is soft rice encasing full flavoured raw fish, as it’s meant to be, with mouth watering textures of avocado and crisp vegetables.



Whilst the menu is appropriately light, for ladies, men are welcome to enjoy the offer and diners can always order more sushi.

Nero Gilissen, general manager, explained that the relaunch aims to encourage people to treat the venue as a place to go throughout the week, rather than just for special occasions.

He said: “We want it to be fun and attractive. We want it to be cool to come here any night of the week.

“People can spend their whole evening here by having a meal in the restaurant upstairs then enjoying the rest of the evening in the lively bar downstairs.”

Wabi Ladies Night relaunch

Wabi Ladies Night relaunch

The offer includes a complimentary cocktail which Wabi is arguably famous for as its bar offers a huge selection of drinks, many of which are unavailable in any other venue in Horsham.

A Porn Star Martini was sampled. This is a fresh and elegant drink bursting with sweet passion fruit and partnered with a generous shot of Prosecco.

To decorate, half a hollowed out passion fruit floats atop encasing a liquor burning with blue flames - a true example of simple beauty.

To book a table call 01403 788140 or email or to find out more visit