Thought from St Mary’s Church, Horsham

Last week I attended the funeral of a friend from Horsham, who was one of the surviving heroes from Operation Manna, named after the biblical story where Moses leads the people through the desert to escape from slavery in Egypt.

Though facing starvation, they are not forgotten in the wilderness, but amazingly provided for by God, through Manna or ‘Bread from Heaven’.

It also seems incredible that in its 20th century namesake, in the midst of World War Two, Lancaster bombers were diverted from military operations, to run low level food drops to feed the starving in Holland, who equally were not forgotten.

We must have weighed up the impact of diverting our planes from fighting to feeding, but decided that it was a cost worth paying and that we could not leave Holland to starve. Harvest is a time of year where we should give thanks for what we have, but also not forget the hungry around the world.

The Rev Peter Francis, St Mary’s Church, The Causeway, Horsham