Sussex woman searches for family bible

The residents of Sussex have been called upon by a lady desperately searching for the ‘two huge volumes’ of her family’s bible.

Christine Starkey, from Haslemere, is undertaking a Sussex wide search for two A3 sized bibles which trace her family’s history back to 1600 AD.

As far as Christine is aware, the last person to possess the books was John Cooper who lives somewhere in Sussex and is likely to be in his 50s.

Christine has gone so far as to contact an extremely distant celebrity relative in the hope for some help.

She said: “There are 173 J Coopers in Sussex and I have contacted most of those who are listed with no luck. I even wrote to David Starkey for help as he’s a very distant member of the family.

“We believe it was handed to a Kitty Cooper who then passed it to her son John Cooper. We are desperate to have this family treasure back.”

Anyone with information can contact Christine on