Southwater 'UFOs' identified

GOLDEN 'UFO' orbs glimpsed floating through the night sky in Southwater have been identified as Chinese lanterns.

They were released by a family celebrating a son's engagement party in the village.

The spectacle caused traffic on the A24 to slow to 50mph as drivers scratched their heads in confusion.

Sam Kemp, 22, who witnessed the bizarre display, said: "We were just driving down the A24 and there were these orange orbs in the sky.

"At first they did look like they were at aircraft height, but as you got closer you realised they were about 50ft high and they were paper with candles in them."

The UFOs were first reported to the County Times last week by the Keen family from Southwater.

They spotted 20 golden orbs flying above the village on Saturday October 18 at about 10pm.

But the mystery was solved this week when a Southwater family, who wanted to remain anonymous, phoned to say the sightings were all down to them.

They had released the Chinese lanterns into the gloom at an engagement party on Saturday night.

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