Schools raise the bar to win award for excellence

From left:  Dan Manion, Siobhan Denning (Forest headteacher), Leon Nettley ( Millais headteacher ) and Constance Wraith.
From left: Dan Manion, Siobhan Denning (Forest headteacher), Leon Nettley ( Millais headteacher ) and Constance Wraith.

Millais and Forest schools have been awarded for their high ranking performance in exam results after ‘raising the bar’ to new heights.

Headteachers of Forest and Millais in Horsham have thanked teachers after they have been recognised as being in the top ten per cent of secondary schools for their attainment of high GCSE results in 2011.

Mr Leon Nettley, headteacher of Millais, Depot Road, said: “When you set the bar high it’s hard to stay there so that’s our biggest challenge.

“But we have always marked ourselves against the best of the country and last year we saw the highest results we have had.”

Ms Siobhan Denning, headteacher of Forest School, Comptons Lane, said:“I am absolutely delighted to accept this award on behalf of everyone involved with our School.

“This is testament to the commitment and hard work of pupils, teachers, staff and parents at The Forest School and evidence of our belief in high expectations, good teaching and ambition for each and every boy to achieve their absolute best.”

“It’s about excellent teaching. I’m really proud of the really high quality teaching.”

The schools qualified as two of the highest ranking non-selective schools in England where at least 19% of pupils gained 5A*-A grades including English and Mathematics.

Dan Mannion, 17, was headboy in the academic year that attained the award and he agreed it’s the teaching that makes a difference to results.

“The lessons were always made interesting,” he said, “ which helps because knowing how the subject is applied to outside life makes learning the topic much easier.”

Millais also received a certificate for outstanding student progress, which gives recognition for the progress of every child - showing that the school is all inclusive.

Constance Wraith, 16, head girl at Millais, said: “The one-to-one sessions teachers provided after schools were really helpful. Not everyone can learn surrounded by loads of people and they allow you to learn things in more depth.”

Sue Williamson, chief executive of SSAT, said: “The Schools should be congratulated for their

achievement in securing some of the best GCSE results in the country. They have proved themselves to be one of the best schools in the country at securing superb GCSE outcomes for their pupils. There is plenty that other schools could learn from these schools’ successes.”

Every school in the Country has been ranked according to how well they performed in their GCSE results in 2011 in new rankings released by the SSAT (The Schools Network) – the representative body for schools.

The new rankings raise the bar for schools by only counting the school’s performance at the highest GCSE grades – A* and A – reflecting schools’ desire to achieve the very best results for their pupils.

Only six schools in West Sussex achieved this recognition; joining The Forest School and Millais School were Bishop Luffa, St Paul’s Catholic College, Warden Park and The Weald.