Revealed: Treasures of The Soldier’s Box

The Soldiers' Box team SUS-150112-161113001
The Soldiers' Box team SUS-150112-161113001
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A wacky new online service - inspired by soldiers in the trenches of WWI - has been launched by three Horsham technology entrepreneurs.

Known as The Soldier’s Box, the service is a modern method of storing valuables.

During the First World War soldiers on the front line kept their most treasured possessions in a small box or tin given to them at the time as a Christmas gift by Princess Mary.

They became known as The Soldier’s Box and were used to preserve personal photos, private letters and important documents.

In the event the soldier lost his life, this box would be passed to his loved ones. His family would receive the items in his box, just as he would have wanted them to be seen.

And now Horsham tech engineers have brought the concept into the 21st century.

IT professional Darren Richmond heard the story of the boxes on the radio and decided to act. The aim of the new service is to digitally organise and store possessions such as photos, videos, documents, contracts and messages in one secure,online place.

Said Darren: “In the event of your death, your loved ones will have easy access to everything you want them to keep. Exactly the same as the WWI Soldier’s Box.”

Darren shared the idea with two life-long Horsham friends, both with years of experience in the technology industry, Lee Rendell and Greg Roffe. Together they designed and developed the new digital version of The Soldier’s Box.

Said Darren: “In the last few years, we have radically changed the way we record memories and manage our lives. The Soldier’s Box provides an easy way to ensure our digital legacy lives on and our memories are not lost.”

He added: “It is designed as a tool to securely organise everything in someone’s life that is important. It is completely protected by using exactly the same security methods deployed by the world’s leading financial institutions.”

The team describe it as an online safe with the added benefit of having a unique secure mechanism to easily be passed on to loved ones.

People can register for a free 14 day trial by logging on to