Pupils drum to the beat of bees and the Greeks

Exciting activities at Castle wood School SUS-150624-102537001
Exciting activities at Castle wood School SUS-150624-102537001

It has been a busy summer term so far for the pupils at Castlewood School in Southwater with visits from beekeepers, an African drummer and The Rainbow Theatre Company.

Norman Carreck visited the School as part of his outreach work from Sussex University. Dr Quigley, a Doctor of Science accompanied him together with a hive full of bees.

Both of them are beekeepers who live in Southwater and they explained to the children about life in a bee hive.

The Reception and Key Stage 1children were able to see inside the hive and examine a honeycomb up close whilst the pupils in Key Stage 2 learned about pollination and the importance of bees to the countryside and wider environment.

Eliza, a child in Reception class said, “I was scared I might be stung but the bees just stayed in their hive. I loved the buzzing sound they made.”

Years 3 & 4 experienced a visit from Ali, a West African drummer, from Batafon Arts Group in Brighton. He taught the children about rhythms and they were able to explore this idea using drums and other percussion instruments, culminating in a whole class performance.

Zane from year 4 commented, “ I really enjoyed the loud drumming and learning how to use my hands to play a proper rhythm.”

The Rainbow Theatre Group demonstrated to students in Years 5 & 6 what life was like in Ancient Greece. The children came to school dressed as Greeks which enabled them to participate in the drama workshop and really get in to their role. They also took part in an Ancient Greek Olympic Triathlon and prepared and sampled a Greek feast.

George, a boy in Year 6 said, “I loved the Ancient Greek drama – it was my favourite part because we were allowed to shout. I learnt that boys were treated better than girls and that if you were poor life was hard.”

Julia Slocombe, Headteacher at Castlewood commented, “Visits from experts from the community really help the children to develop their learning, adding an element of fun too which enriches the curriculum we are able to offer to the pupils.”

Report and pictures contributed by Castlewood School.