Reminder to return forms for autumn elections

Register to Vote poster
Register to Vote poster

Voters are reminded to return their registration forms for 2013 to make sure they are able to vote in the Police & Crime Commissioner elections later this year.

The forms have been sent out earlier than usual this year because of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place in Sussex on Thursday November 15.

Horsham District Council, which runs all elections locally, is urging residents to return their completed voter registration forms to the council as soon as possible to ensure they don’t miss out on their chance to vote.

Registering to vote is something that is required by law.

The information will then be used to prepare the Register of Electors 2013, which for this year will come into force on 16 October 2012.

The electoral registration forms were first sent out in early July and the form asks where householders will be living on 15 October 2012.

The council understands that for some people this information might not be known so early, however, we believe most people will know the permanent occupiers and will be able to return the form with this information.

If everyone living in the property is not eligible to be registered as electors, residents should complete section three of the form giving the reason.

If, after returning the form, there are any changes to residents’ registration information, for example someone moves out, they are asked to let the Council know by October 15.

If residents are moving house before October 15 2012, they are asked to leave the form for the new occupants and notify the Council.

If residents are moving to another property in the Horsham District, they should complete and return the form for their new property.

Residents who will be away on Thursday November 15 2012 or would find it difficult to go to a polling station at this time of year are advised to tick the last column on the form to request a postal vote application form.

The council is also urging residents to be aware of the time of year that the Police & Crime Commissioner elections will take place, as it is in November, and consider the weather may be worse at this time of year and lighting will be reduced.

For further information contact Horsham District Council’s Electoral Registration team on 01403 215126 or email