Pubwatch members remaining vigilant over festive period

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All 42 members of the Horsham District’s Pubwatch Scheme are joining forces during the festive period to ensure that customers stay safe while socialising with friends and family during Christmas and the New Year.

The Horsham District is considered to be one of the safest areas in the country and has a very proactive Pubwatch scheme which contributes towards reducing levels of violent crime and disorder.

Members have committed to being pro-active when it comes to dealing with people who cause problems within licensed premises and such individuals can expect to be nominated to Pubwatch for a ban across all member premises for a considerable period of time.

Ian Vasey, Sussex Police Licensing Officer, said: “I am very pleased that members have got behind this seasonal drive to make the District’s pubs as safe as possible.

“It is very important to get a clear message out to anyone who causes problems that it simply will not be tolerated. Everyone has the right to enjoy spending time in a safe environment and our pubs are no different.”

The Horsham District Community Safety Partnership is a statutory partnership of Horsham District Council, West Sussex County Council, Sussex Police, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust, and NHS West Sussex.

The Partnership is charged with reducing levels of crime and disorder in the Horsham District through sustainable solutions and by working with other key public, private and voluntary agencies and the community.