Parish Council ‘concerned’ over development

Plans for 102 homes in henfield
Plans for 102 homes in henfield

HENFIELD Parish Council has registered its objection to plans to build 102 homes on land east of Manor Way.

At a special plans advisory committee meeting, held on November 15, more than 200 of those that live in and around the village attended to voice their concerns about the development.

Many of those present highlighted issues with traffic, public transport and parking and argued Henfield does not have the infrastructure to cope with an influx of new residents.

In its report the parish council said it felt there had been ‘no proven need shown for further housing requirement’.

Making reference to the development at Parsonage Farm, it said: “This development provides for 130 new dwellings which are in addition to the existing 180 dwellings which were erected during Phases 1 and 2 of the Parsonage development.

“The impact of Phase 3 of the Parsonage development on the community cannot therefore yet be ascertained, but is likely to be substantial.”

This issue was raised in the meeting in November with many residents wondering why the plans could not be put on hold until after Parsonage Farm has been built to see what impact this would have on the village.

Pat Johnstone, 78, of Benson Road said: “Having read Henfield Parish Council’s response I feel very grateful for such a reasonable and well informed parish council.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if the owner of this land had a change of heart and said ‘okay, forget development; let’s make this into a nature reserve with a wildflower meadow and an all-weather tea garden’.”

On Horsham District Council’s planning website the application has garnered over 100 letters from those voicing their objections and concerns.

Brian Johnston of Hewitts End said: “My wife and I feel that Henfield has absorbed as much housing as it can and any further development will cause loss of amenities.”

Mr and Mrs D Willis of Cagefoot Lane, said: “Traffic and parking is again already a huge problem in the village. These houses will make it even more dangerous.”

In its conclusion the parish council said it was ‘concerned’ as to the effect this development would have on the landscape and ‘the intrusion on the countryside together with the loss of tranquillity which would result from development of this site’.

“The quality of life of the residents of this country village is already under pressure as a result of the number of houses recently built and those for which planning consent has already been granted,” it said.

“This proposal is therefore unacceptable to those residents who have expressed a view.”

To view the plans visit: and enter the reference number DC/11/1962.