Liberal Democrats hit back at West Sussex County Council for video controversy

cleared from horsham graphics
cleared from horsham graphics

The deputy leader of the West Sussex Liberal Democrats has said the reluctance of senior Conservative councillors to show a video made by disability campaigners at tomorrow’s meeting is ‘callous and discriminatory’.

Dr James Walsh, deputy group leader and Health and Social Care spokesman, commenting on the Tory decision to ban a five minute video presentation by a severely disabled resident to the county council on Friday said: “This is a callous attempt to muzzle a local resident who cannot speak for more than a few seconds without using this pre-prepared video speech.

“The Tories do not want to hear the truth about their savage cuts to care services from one of the victims. They claim it would disrupt the start of the meeting, but this is nonsense as the screen and projector are already set up.

“The council leadership is fond of claiming that they always listen to residents’ concerns, but this proves that to be a false and discriminatory claim. There are none so deaf as those who won’t listen.”

On Friday Liberal Democrats will be supporting attempts to use £1-2 million of the £175million the county has in total reserves to re-instate some of the cuts, especially to day services to the disabled and elderly.

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