How does Horsham District Council house people now?

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Horsham District Council, like many councils, does not own any social houses, as it transferred 4,600 council homes to Saxon Weald housing association in December 2000.

The council does, however, have nomination rights to a proportion of these properties and it works with Saxon Weald and other agencies to match available properties to people who are homeless or on the Housing Register.

Applicants to the register are assessed for their housing needs based on their existing accomodation, for example their current home may be overcrowded or unfit to live in, their medical needs and their connections with the district or relevant parish.

They are then placed into one of four bands based on priority:

Bands A and B: People in an urgent need of housing, for example if they are unintentionally homeless. Due to the high level of demand, people in these bands of the waiting list are likely to wait a long period of time before they are offered social housing.

Band B: Homeless households in temporary accommodation.

Band C: Those with an identified housing need, whom the council has a duty to house if the temperature falls below zero for three consecutive nights. People under 25 with local links may be eligible to live in Horsham’s Y-Centre.

Band D: People who have a desire to move to the district.

Around half of the people on HDC’s housing register are in Band D and have little chance of getting a house because there are always people in more urgent need.