PICTURE SLIDESHOW: 2013 Cranleigh Show hailed a success

Hundreds of animals and thousands of visitors turned out for this year’s Cranleigh Show, presented by the Cranleigh and South Eastern Agricultural Society.

A wide range of attractions entertained visitors on a largely warm day on Saturday (August 3) including dancing horses, racing terriers, leaping dogs and exciting BMX tricks.

JPCT 030813 S13320762x Cranleigh and South Eastern Agricultural Society Show.  -photo by Steve Cobb

JPCT 030813 S13320762x Cranleigh and South Eastern Agricultural Society Show. -photo by Steve Cobb

However, as ever the livestock stole the show, with hundreds of sheep, cattle and pigs taking part in competitions to find the best farm animals in the area.

The president of the Cranleigh and South Eastern Agricultural Society, Colin Young, said he wanted to give ‘a big thank you’ to the many volunteers that helped make the day a success.

He said: “We have had a really excellent team on the job, they have worked extremely hard. Every single person that has been involved in bringing it together needs a pat on the back - it’s tremendous.

“We are seeing a lot of young people getting involved with the cattle in particular. Children and young adults handling the animals gives them a thrill, it is bringing the young generation into farming.”

Many farms presented their livestock to be judged at the show, and there was success for Fay Cottage Farm in Faygate.

Year-old ram McNeill was a winner, and farm owner Maxine Harwood praised husband Andrew for his increased work on the farm since she began suffering from a physical disability.

She said: “He runs the farm before and after he goes to work - it is marvellous.

“I used to do it but I have had to hand it over to him, so he is the hands on one. All our sheep have got individual characters.

“It was a bit of a nuisance to move it to Saturday because we have had less time to get ready, but it is a lovely day and there are a lot of people here.”

Maxine and Andrew look after about 100 sheep, though Maxine added that they spotted McNeill early on.

“He seems to stand there and say ‘look at me’”, she added.

The event is traditionally held on a Sunday, but was moved to Saturday because of the Ride London cycling event on Sunday.

Show secretary Anna Giller praised the organisation of the show, saying this year there were more competing sheep ‘than ever before’.

She said: “It has been 365 days in the planning and involves about 150 amazing volunteers throughout the year.

“It is wonderful to see so many people here today, everyone is smiling and the sun is out.”

The day was largely bright and sunny - in stark contrast to last year’s show - although a quick shower in the morning briefly sent those watching horses in the main arena scampering for shelter.

Peter Knight, the chairman of the Cranleigh and South Eastern Agricultural Society, said: “On the surface we all appear very calm and collected - but there is a large amount of paddling under the water going on to make the surface appear so calm.”