Parent forced to abandon car as Cowfold roadworks cause misery for motorists

JPCT 100913 S13370066x Cowfold traffic hold-ups, A272 -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 100913 S13370066x Cowfold traffic hold-ups, A272 -photo by Steve Cobb

One mum in Cowfold was forced to abandon her car this morning (Tuesday September 10) after roadworks left her unable to get her children to school.

This comes as delays and long queues continue to cause misery for motorists travelling on the A272 both ways at A281 Brook Hill while work, set to last until September 20, takes place at the Coach House Roundabout.

A spokesperson for St Peter’s CE Primary School in Cowfold said the parent had to leave her car in Henfield Road and walk the rest of the route after being faced with the disruption.

The spokesperson added: “She came from the Bolney direction and had to make a detour parking the car in a layby and walking the rest of the way with her two young children.

“What should have been a nine-minute drive took just over an hour.

“But many parents do live locally so we’re fortunate for that. It’s really hard for the teachers but they have got to do these essential works here in Cowfold and we’re just grateful that parents can get the children in.”

The traffic chaos has troubled drivers, especially during the rush hours, since temporary traffic lights were introduced yesterday (Monday September 9) despite the work to improve the drainage system taking place since August 12.

A spokesperson from West Sussex County Council said: “The objective is to improve and enhance the drainage system and the works may involve some disruption to the carriageway.

“Temporary traffic management may be used to complete these works in a timely manner and may have to remain in place until materials have hardened.

“During the course of the works, barriers will be erected around excavations and will remain in place until the materials have hardened; for example the concrete surrounding drainage pipes and road gullies will need time to set.

“There will be occasions when barriers remain in place overnight whilst the excavation is open and materials are hardening.

“While excavations will be barriered and clearly marked, please be especially vigilant when walking or driving close to these works.”

Drivers have taken to social media to share their experiences with claims that queues have been backed up to the A23 at Bolney northbound and the Buck Barn crossroads going southbound.

On Twitter, Nige N @ExileNige said: “How lovely of highways dept to wait til after the school hols to dig up one of the busiest junctions in Sussex.”

Chris Kelley ‏@tweeterkelley tweeted: “@WSHighways traffic Cowfold rush hour was crazy. What is the work for? How long is it going on for? Didn’t notice any pre warning signs!?”

West Sussex Highways ‏@WSHighways responded stating: “Work has been going on since mid-Aug but not needed lights until now. Apols for delays, we are manually controlling these...
“... At peak times to try and lessen the impact. Will get the works super to check the advance signage is correct.”

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