Oyez, oyez! Read all about it - our new town crier contest

Petworth town cryer Mike Hubbard reads out the Sussex charter - Photo by Louise Adams
Petworth town cryer Mike Hubbard reads out the Sussex charter - Photo by Louise Adams

The search is on for a new town crier for Horsham.

The County Times is hosting a contest, in association with Horsham District Council, to find an honorary representative to herald the news of the day to the townspeople.

The winner, who will be confident, charismatic and proud to represent the town, will wear a specially provided uniform and be furnished with a bell to toll on market days in the Carfax and about the town centre.

Although unpaid, the role will afford the winner significant status, and the opportunity to represent Horsham, its people, and businesses, to a wider audience. There has been no town crier in Horsham in living memory, although the ghost of Dan Roberts (1737-1831), a town crier well known for his large nose, is reputed to haunt the Old Town Hall.

The new town crier will be determined at a special event on Horsham’s Day of Dance, Saturday May 11, at the bandstand where prospective criers will go head to head to win the approval of the townsfolk.

Anyone interested in entering the contest should write to the paper at the usual address, or email ct.news@sussexnewspapers.co.uk, inlcuding their full contact details. All correspondence should be clearly marked Town Crier Contest, and applicants may be invited to audition on a Thursday afternoon, prior to the May 11 event.

If you think you would like to represent Horsham and could give freely of your time on Thursdays and some Saturdays, or you know who else would make a great town crier, write to the County Times and enter.

Oyez, oyez! The town crier contest has begun.