Why cold nights will spark some heated rows

EXPERTS are predicting a cold winter ahead. And, of course they’re right. I mean you only have to take a look at all the berries on the bushes and trees around Horsham to know it’s true.

Loads of berries on everything. It’s a sure sign of cold weather on the way. So get ready for some heated arguments - if you haven’t had them already.

Apparently, the colder the temperature outside, the more heated it becomes indoors - because we start arguing.

In fact the temperature of the house sparks more disagreements between couples during winter than any other subject with women cranking up the central heating at the first shiver - and men saying: “Pah. We don’t need the heating on yet ...”

A study has found that four out of 10 couples will have at least two rows every day over the heating and in two thirds of cases couples will bicker because the bloke is hot and the woman is cold - with the bedroom being the scene of most arguments.

Andy Mansfield, of thermostat heating experts Honeywell, which carried out the study, said: “It’s amazing something as simple as heating the house could cause so many disputes between couples.”

Meanwhile, health officials are putting out serious warnings to people in Horsham to prepare ahead for cold weather.

Last December, according to Met Office figures, was the coldest December in the UK since 1910 and the winter before was the coldest since 1978.

Dr Andrew Foulkes, medical director at NHS Sussex, said: “Keeping warm in the winter is important to avoid serious or life-threatening illnesses.

“Wear warm clothing and stay indoors if you don’t need to go outside. Keep your house warm, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to heat your whole house, just the main rooms you will use such as your living room and bedroom. Drink hot drinks and have at least one hot meal during the day. Simple steps like this can help us all to stay healthy this winter.” Well, now we know.