We use a recycling bin, and that helps my hedgehog pals!

Waste, recycling centre.
Waste, recycling centre.

Oh my gosh! It is super duper cold at the moment, isn’t it? I am so lucky I live in my warm, cosy, house with mum. It’s so nice to come home after a nice long walk and sit by the fire with a hot chocolate!

What’s your favourite warm treat? Mum told me that lots of the other animals aren’t as lucky as us because they don’t have a house at all! I asked mum if I could go and visit my friend Hector the Hedgehog, he lives outside. I thought he must be cold. We played football in the garden he was staying in (I won 5-4 on penalties!)

When Hector’s mum brought us tea that the nice old lady leaves for Hector and all the other animals, I asked Hector is he was cold because he didn’t have a nice warm house like mine.

He said he didn’t mind moving around because he likes seeing people’s gardens. Sometimes though, the other animals get stuck in rubbish that naughty people leave behind . It sometimes hurts the animals.

When I went home, I asked mum about the rubbish people leave in their gardens. She told me we don’t have any in our garden because we use a recycling bin. It is a big, green bin with arrows on it.

If we put our rubbish in there, it gets taken away by people and turned into things that don’t hurt other animals. She let me to put food out for animals too, so they don’t get poorly tummies.

I did, and I had lots of friends to play with. We can play lots of other fun games. I’m just glad that tidying up and looking after animals means I have lots of friends to play with! Chip chip for now!