Chef Chipper loves his tasty new hobby!

Yummy cupcakes.
Yummy cupcakes.

Chef Chipper here! As I am writing this, I am covered in food!

No, not because I am a messy pup, but because I have discovered a new hobby. Cooking!

I love eating my mum’s cooking, but never really thought about how the stuff on my plate gets there.

So, I asked my mum to show me. Now I am having cooking lessons!

We started off by doing some baking, and although I’m not allowed to go too near the oven, I helped to make cupcakes.

Then we decorated them, and I made designs for boys and girls, with different coloured icing sugar!

Now everyone can enjoy Chipper’s Cupcakes!

I might even start a cupcake factory, or a bakery! So, when I get in from school, even though I am a bit tired, once I have finished all of my homework, cooking lessons start!

This week I also made flapjack, cookies (yum!) and helped to make dinner for my dad!

I have also started to watch cooking programmes on T.V. so that I can learn more. Then, when I’m a bit older, I can make dinner for all of my friends!

I have learnt how to beat eggs, change the colour of food by using food dye, and also how to whip cream!

I think next I will learn how to make pastry and roll it out so that I can make a giant pie! What can I put in it though? I can either make a sweet or a savoury one, it depends on what I fancy to eat! What else can I make with pastry?

Oops, better go Chipsters! The only thing with cooking is there is a lot of washing-up and cleaning to do afterwards! So, back to the kitchen for me!

Chip chip for now!