MP visits his old Cranleigh school

Adam Holloway MP visits Cranleigh School
Adam Holloway MP visits Cranleigh School
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Adam Holloway MP, OC visited Cranleigh School on Friday 7th June to address the School’s Knoller Society (a History named after Holocaust survivor, Freddie Knoller).

History and politics teacher, Tom Leeke explained: “The audience was made up primarily of LVIth Politics students.

Adam Holloway MP visits Cranleigh School

Adam Holloway MP visits Cranleigh School

“Mr Holloway breezed into the reading room with the confidence of a front-line politician fully accustomed to far more difficult and hostile audiences in his gritty urban constituency of Gravesham, Kent and chose immediately to embark upon a question and answer format, giving the talk a free-wheeling, fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants feel – perhaps a good reflection of this Tory’s political style”.

When asked to identify the ‘coolest’ person he has met in politics, it was a community volunteer in his constituency who took the title and when challenged on where he stood on policing and civil liberties he stated, “unlike my friend David Davis”, that all UK citizens should have their DNA on a database, given the potentially huge gains this could entail for fighting crime.

Tom Leeke continued: “As an ex-military man myself I especially enjoyed Mr Holloway’s stories about his times in the Grenadier Guards and as an undercover reporter.”

Sixth Former James Edwards added: “Unlike some of the Conservative Party leaders, Adam Holloway has seen something of the world outside politics and we enjoyed his anecdotes about sleeping rough in London and New York (for a TV documentary), taking tea with Afghan warlords, and working as a motorcycle dispatch rider during a career transition.”

Mr Holloway ended with career advice for Cranleigh School pupils: “work really hard, to get into the best university you possibly can.”

Mr Holloway himself studued at Cambridge. He then added, “And you could do worse than join the Army. These wars we’re in are coming to an end, so you’re unlikely to get killed; and it’s great fun!”