Metrobus night services’ future dependent on use


Bus operator Metrobus has announced that evening services will continue to operate in Horsham.

The evening schedule, including the Horsham-Gatwick 200 and the Roffey-Southwater 98 buses, were under threat of being withdrawn after 6.30pm each day from September due to the withdrawal of funding from West Sussex County Council.

Any proposed changes will take effect on September 1, but Metrobus has said it will operate the services without outside funding on a trial basis after that date.

Nick Hill, Metrobus commercial manager, said: “We understand the importance of evening services and we have worked with the county council to find ways of continuing to operate them without financial support, albeit at a reduced level of service. However, the longer term viability of these services is dependent on the use that is made of them.”

Pieter Montyn (Con, The Witterings), cabinet member for Highways and Transport, added: “We are very pleased that bus operators are managing to adapt their schedules where possible, in order to provide as many bus services as possible.

“Bus users across the area have benefitted from operators and the County Council working together in partnership, despite inevitable reductions in county council funding.”

For more information or to ask for further details visit Metrobus’ Facebook page.

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