Marriage: given up for Lent

JPCT S12480299X 22-11-12 Phil Playfoot, King's Church, Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT S12480299X 22-11-12 Phil Playfoot, King's Church, Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb

With the Government’s current determination to redefine marriage, I can’t help thinking that it is marriage that it has decided to ‘give up’ for Lent!

This though won’t be a temporary ‘foregoing’ but an attempt to socially engineer what has been the bedrock of any healthy society predating any government.

The argument goes that marriage, being the current publicly recognised union of one man and one woman, rather than between people of the same sex, is ‘discriminatory’ and ‘unfair’. Interestingly though, there is a significant number of homosexuals who are opposed to ‘same sex marriage’ and are happy to retain the different status ‘civil partnerships’ confer on them and aren’t open to heterosexuals.

Clearly there is massive concern about this legislation by a spectrum of people with radically different beliefs.

These concerns include true equality recognises and protects difference; this legislation is undemocratic; the damage to family; the resulting discrimination against those who don’t believe in ‘same sex marriage’; the forcing of views on children and the robbing of parents rights and responsibilities to name just a few.

This perhaps unforeseen opposition has resulted in multiple resignations by members of the Conservative Party.

I will explore these issues in greater depth as part of a Kings Church Horsham Sunday morning meeting on March 17 through a talk entitled, ‘The Redefinition Of Marriage: It’s Not What You Think’. Everyone is welcome with an invitation to stay afterwards to talk over the issues. Find out more at

Copy contributed by Phil Playfoot of King’s Church, Horsham.