Worthing Road Horsham closed for up to three days after all-night operation



Worthing Road in Horsham could be closed for up to three days because of damage suffered by flooding.

Around 25 firefighters worked through the night to pump two million litres of water from one side of the road to a culvert on the other after lines at Horsham railway station were submerged yesterday (Monday January 6).

This morning crews were getting ready to hand over the incident to West Sussex County Council (WSCC) with the hope of re-opening Worthing Road by lunch time today (Tuesday January 7).

However, a four-metre collapse has been discovered in a roadside culvert - making the road dangerous for motorists and pedestrians, explained a WSCC spokesman.

The local authority has issued an emergency temporary traffic regulation.

The junction with Tower Hill and the railway bridge 300 metres to the north will be closed for repairs which should be completed in three days.

The notice reads: “An alternative route will be signed on site.

“This notice will be effective for a maximum of 21 days from the date given above.

“Any queries about the effect of the closure on traffic using the highway please contact West Sussex County Council on 01243 642105.”

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