VIDEO: Southwater couple’s 50th anniversary joy

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Fifty years ago a young couple smiled in a wedding day photograph featured in the County Times.

And today (Saturday December 7), Keith and Maureen Edwards, who live in Southwater, celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary.

The headline of the wedding notice that appeared in this newspaper stated: ‘Goalkeeper missed his chance’. It referred to Keith’s role at the time of Horsham FC’s goalkeeper.

Maureen, 71, was not impressed. She said: “I was a bit mad when I looked at the picture with that headline!”

The football club’s match had to be cancelled due to members of the team attending the big day.

The pair met working at Rice Brothers in Horsham in their teens. Keith was a mechanic and Maureen was in credit control.

Keith, 70, said: “She hit me on the head with a box when I was fitting number plates, and I thought I will ask her out.

“Our first date was a cricket match - I was playing!”

The couple married on December 7, 1963 at a church in West Grinstead.

When asked the secret to a long and happy marriage, Keith said: “We just get on. We do most things together, but I have always had my football and she always had her nights out with the girls.”

Keith’s father’s sister is 90 today and the family is set to enjoy a double celebration in Bournemouth. The couple have a son, who lives in Florida, and hope to visit him in the new year.




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