VIDEO: Series of high action novels from Slinfold IT consultant

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by Nikki Cutler

Mike Smart, 49, of Five Oaks Road, has begun writing a series of action-packed thrillers which revolve around modern issues and events.

The first in ‘the Max Thatcher Series’ is called The Gatekeeper and it explores how the world could be destroyed through data infringement.

Mike said: “I try to keep my subject matters very contemporary. They’re an Ian Fleming type style with a James Bond type character.

“They’re a good exciting read, not for children, with quite complicated subject matters.

“If you like punchy, fast moving stories which are short on flowery prose but long on high octane action you’ll enjoy the Max Thatcher Series of books.”

Mike has worked in the IT industry for 30 years and understands how a computer virus could cause havoc around the world as it does in his debut novel.

He said the subject matter was very contemporary considering the recent technical issues at banks which have stopped people accessing their money as well as the ongoing phone hacking court case.

The second book, titled The Platinum Solution, looks into what will happen in South Africa following Mandela’s death. Gatekeeper was published in November and Platinum Solution was released in January.

The books can be ordered from Amazon.




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