Video: sculpture moved in Horsham Park revamp

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The Light Tree sculpture, which formerly stood in front of the Pavilions in the Park leisure centre in Horsham, has been relocated as planned to the Jubilee car park next to Horsham Park.

The sculpture now stands in front of the Horsham Superbowl building off Albion Way and was moved in October to tie in with the final works to improve the entrance to Horsham Park and the Jubilee car park, which started in June.

The Light Tree was commissioned in 2008 by Horsham District Council as part of the Jubilee car park refurbishment scheme and has stayed in its temporary home since then.

It was sculpted by Brighton artist Steve Geliot and was funded with an Arts Council grant.

The new entrance to the Jubilee car park incorporates a dedicated pedestrian link between Horsham town centre and Horsham Park, a pedestrian area including the Light Tree sculpture, together with an overall increase in the number of parking spaces available to the public.




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