VIDEO: Safety concerns at newly designed Horsham station

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Concerns have been raised about the potential for accidents outside Horsham Railway Station, which underwent a major refurbishment last year.

Taxi drivers have observed pedestrians walking in the middle of the road, cars dropping off people next to the roundabout causing traffic to build up on there, which could lead to an accident.

Southern, which owns that part of the station, has said there have been no complaints made to them, but taxi driver of eight years Andrew Smith said he sees it every day.

“The moment you drive in you are driving away from the station door. People dropping off stop near the roundabout rather than drive through.

“Someone’s going to be hit by a driver sooner or later,” he said.

A Southern spokesman said: “When the new forecourt layout was introduced, we monitored to ensure that any problems that may have arisen were attended to. None of the behaviours described were apparent and we have not received any reports of incidents or complaints since.

“However, safety is our top priority so we will monitor the area again. We will review the management of the forecourt area if it is deemed necessary.”

What do you think of the new road lay out at Horsham Railway Station? Is it confusing for drivers and safe for pedestrians? Let us know by commenting below or email Anna Coe on or call 01403 751206.




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