VIDEO: Horsham invaded by superheroes

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The town centre was invaded by superheroes this morning (August 1) as Captain America, The Flash and even a banana wandered the high street.

However, the heroes were not around for long and went back into hiding as they were hunted down by groups of children.

It was all part of an activity run by Christian holiday club Lemmings Holiday where volunteers dressed up as superheroes and hid around the town whilst the children of the club tried to find them, earning points for every one they found.

The points tallied up to those earned previously in the week through other activities with the winning team getting a prize.

The club hosts summer holidays for children from all over the country and this week they decided to stay at the Duke of Kent School, Ewhurst. Surrey, but popped down to Horsham for the day.

Event organiser Colin Tapscott said: “It is a lot of fun really.

“Years ago we used to do the leader hunt so it worked well with our super hero week this week.

“Horsham is the perfect place to do it. It has been a lot of fun.”

Richard Higham is one of the volunteers at the club.

He said: “We try and do different things during the week.

“We are hiding, in inverted commas, as we want the children to find us.

“We are also trying to bring smiles to the faces of people in Horsham.”

Richard was even allowed to pose as one of the manikins in Crew Clothing store dressed in his Iron Man costume and got some interesting feedback from customers.




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