VIDEO: Henfield kids get hands on in cupcake workshop

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A cupcake extraordinaire and mother-of-two organised a creative workshop for a group of nursery school children at her cafe this week.

Kaylee’s Cakery in Norton Mews, Henfield, hosted the tasty cake making event for kids attending Dove Nursery.

Shop owner Kayleigh Peters said the workshop, which she plans to make a regular experience, is a big thank you to nursery owner Vivian Ruffett.

Kayleigh said: “Vivian has helped me out loads over the last two years when she had my son Daniel. He was diagnosed with autism and life could be stressful, but they took Daniel on once a week.”

Now Kayleigh’s younger son Charlie goes to Dove Nursery, located in Cricket Pavilion, Henfield Common.

Vivian said the workshop is an nice excuse for a big outing.

“It’s just lovely to take them outside to a different environment,” said Vivian. “They love all the hands on experience: cutting the shapes and rolling the colours.”

Kayleigh added: “They pipped the cream on top, put on the decorations, and then got to reap the benefits.”

Dove Nursery takes on village children from two to four years old.

Vivian said: “The nursery is private so we can’t raise funds for trips like these.”

The children, including Kayleigh’s son Charlie, 4, gathered around a table in the cakery to design the cupcakes and put their personal stamp on the treats before indulging.

Kayleigh said: “I just want to say thank you to Vivian and the staff for all they have done.”

To learn more about Kaylee’s Cakery visit and to contact Dove Nursery call 01273 492990 or 495256.




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