VIDEO: £30million Better Roads Programme kicks off in Horsham

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A new £30million investment to prepare and repair West Sussex’s rural and residential roads launched in Horsham today (Tuesday April 15).

West Sussex County Council is launching its Better Roads Programme – the biggest investment to be made in the county’s road network for years.

The programme is a direct response to residents’ frustration about the deterioration of the county’s smaller roads.

Work began in Blackbridge Lane this morning. Lambs Farm Road is earmarked for Thursday (April 17).

Because of the extreme weather West Sussex has experienced in the past few years, over one fifth of rural and residential roads are now in need of repair.

More than half of the roads in West Sussex are rural and residential.

The worst of these roads have been prioritised by county council engineers to create the Better Roads Programme.

The conditions of these roads will be improved and returned to the standard they were a few years ago.

The scheme will run for the next two years and focuses on rural and residential roads only.

This investment is above and beyond the £8.5million the county council spends each year on maintaining its road network.

Without adequate investment now, annual maintenance costs will rise and the road condition will still get worse.

County council cabinet member for highways and transport, Pieter Montyn, said: “Keeping our roads safe is a priority for us, so we were determined to address the deterioration of our smaller roads.

“By investing this additional £30million now, it will make our network more resilient and save us money in the long run.

“Once the two-year cycle has been completed, we calculate it will save over a million pounds a year in maintenance costs.”

Residents can search online to see if their road has been included on the Better Roads Programme for 2014/2015.

Visit and type the name of your road or town into the search bar.

Announcements about the Better Roads Progamme will also be made each week via Twitter: @WSCCNews #wsbetterroads.




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