Row erupts over safety of pushchair mums

JPCT 191112 Wickhurst Green, BBH, housing development. Photo by Derek  Martin

JPCT 191112 Wickhurst Green, BBH, housing development. Photo by Derek Martin

Mums with pushchairs and cyclists could be at risk of injury if a 20 mph speed limit is not enforced at the new Broadbridge Heath development.

Horsham District Council’s development control north committee granted full permission for 135 houses to David Wilson Homes, in the planned Countryside Properties site.

Objections to the application when it was first before members included the flats over garages, three-storey town houses, and the narrowness of the roads, as well as the rear parking courts.

But while councillors were happier with the amendments made to the application that was deferred in October, safety concerns were repeatedly raised about a stretch of community road which linked the bridleway towards Broadbridge Heath village with the footpath from other parts of the site.

Malcolm Curnock (LDem, Broadbridge Heath) said he thought that pedestrians and cyclists sharing a street surface with cars was inappropriate, especially with mums with pushchairs and children walking into Broadbridge Heath using the route.

He explained: “We should be looking at the overall safety of the children travelling to and from the school.”

John Childow (Con, Southwater) said: “The serious injury statistics for 20 mph is less than half the serious injury for 30 mph. I can’t see what the logic is in not enforcing a 20 mph speed limit. It makes no sense for me.”

Planning officers said that the design and access statement for the whole site had suggested 20 mph for that road, but West Sussex County Council would have the final say as the highways authority.

“If it’s a 30 mph speed limit then I’m very concerned,” David Sheldon (LDem, Denne) said.

“We need a 20 mph speed limit and we do not want to foot any bill in order to make it work.”

Mr Sheldon and Frances Haigh (LDem, Horsham Park) voted against proposals.




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