Pulborough sculpture comes to life in final stage of project

JPCT 310314 S14140190x Jon Edgar, sculpture, Pulborough -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140331-151810001

JPCT 310314 S14140190x Jon Edgar, sculpture, Pulborough -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140331-151810001

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Sculpting through torrential rain, strong winds and the bitter cold, an artist’s masterpiece is finally taking shape in Pulborough.

Award-winning Fittleworth sculptor, Jon Edgar, is drawing to the end of his six month project that has seen the 45-year-old battle the elements to create a unique piece on the open pastures of the RSPB Pulborough Brooks.

“Pulborough has been the Arun Sea’s riviera, and even on the high ground, the ground conditions have been treacherously wet,” said Jon.

The County Times visited the site in October 2013 to see how the sculpture was coming along. At the time, the surface image of a woman could be seen with other shapes emerging.

A few months later, a crane was brought in to lift the three stone lump of Portland quarry, so Jon could tackle all sides.

“Now at about day 35, a powerful goddess-like figure seems to be emerging from the block with a supporting coterie of wildfowl and other birds - and Trisanton is maybe a likely name.

“In the last few sessions the other side of the block has started to open up and a helmeted, draped figure has appeared.

“But the Roman connections with Pulborough and Wiggonholt are strong, so I like the imagery if it is strong enough to work visually.”

Visitors to RSPB Pulborough Brooks have been stopping by to admire the piece and Jon said their responses have been ‘wonderful’.

“With many people arriving not only to visit the reserve, but to walk dogs on the heathland or visit their excellent cafe, many just slow down and wave when passing. Others have brought back the family and wanted to have a try of the mallet and chisels.”

To see Jon in action visit the reserve on Monday April 7 and Sunday April 13, 10am to 2pm.

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