‘Anger and frustration’ at lack of action on narrow Billingshurst road

JPCT 120714 S14290876x Billingshurst narrow roads complaint. David Makkonen (centre) with neighbours -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140714-114513001

JPCT 120714 S14290876x Billingshurst narrow roads complaint. David Makkonen (centre) with neighbours -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140714-114513001

Billingshurst homeowners have been left ‘angry and frustrated’ at a developer’s response to problems arising from the width of their road.

A2 Dominion are currently building 150 homes in the ‘Cereston’ development off Marringdean Road, but families who moved into the new properties in Blackthorn Avenue discovered their road was too narrow for refuse vehicles to pick up their bins.

This has forced residents to leave their bins outside pilot David Makonnen’s property twice a week for the Horsham District Council-run waste collection service.

Neighbours, including Justin Blockley and David Frampton, have spent months trying to chase A2 Dominion to explore options to solve the problem, with little response.

Mr Makonnen said: “The council are saying they will try picking up the bins from outside the houses but they can’t guarantee it if the road’s too tight and if there are any cars that are parked the bins have to go back to our front door and it’s disgusting.”

He described the smell, especially during the summer, as revolting, on top of the noise created early in the morning.

Fed up with the problem, he spoke to HDC’s Environmental Health department, who then contacted A2 Dominion.

Their managing director has visited the site, but apart from suggesting residents stop parking on the road, the trio feel that A2 Dominion have not come back with any workable alternatives.

With some households owning two or more cars and having small driveways many cars are parked on the street.

Mr Blockley said: “It’s taken four months for them to respond and quite frankly I think the letter was completely arrogant.”

Mr Frampton said: “It’s left to the residents and that’s not what it’s all about. People want to get on with their lives. If you buy a new home it should be easy, that’s why you buy a new home.”

He added: “All we are asking is for a common sense approach.”

While they expressed anger and frustration at the problem, all three said they were ‘very pleased’ with the homes themselves.

Simon Potts, A2 Dominion new homes managing director (South East), apologised for any inconvenience caused and said they would continue to work to resolve any issues.

He pointed out that the road was built to county council highways requirements to help slow the speed of traffic and was not designed for on-street parking.

They have also written to residents asking for certain parts of the road to be kept free of parked vehicles.

A spokesperson for HDC said they were working with the site manager and communicating with residents over the collections of bins, and would monitor the situation.




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