A-LEVELS: ‘Hugs and high fives’ at Horsham’s Collyer’s

Students celebrate their A-level results at Collyer's college in Horsham

Students celebrate their A-level results at Collyer's college in Horsham

Students at Horsham’s Collyer’s college were in celebratory mood this morning (Thursday August 14) as they collected their A-level results.

New principal Sally Bromley, who assumes her post at the Hurst Road college on September 1, noted there were ‘lots of hugs and lots of high fives’ among delighted pupils.

Among them was Miriam Allsop, 18, who received one A* and three A grades - better results than she was expecting.

Miriam, from Horsham, said: “I was just amazed.

“I spent five minutes checking it online and then went and woke my parents up - they weren’t too pleased but it was worth it!

“I worked very hard and had no social life, but I’m really happy it paid off.”

Rossana Wing, 18, came away with three A* grades and will now study straight maths at the University of Exeter.

She said: “I’ve just got back from my holiday, so I got home at 2am this morning, went to sleep and then woke up and got it over with.

“My parents were so proud, crying. Mum was like ‘get the champagne out!’

“I’m the first one to go to uni in my family, so it’s a bit scary. I’ve got no advice from anyone, but I’m sure it will be alright.”

Helen Cain, 18, received one A grade and two Bs, and will now head to the University of Birmingham to study sport and exercise science.

She said: “My mum was there when I did it (looked at results). She was the one that read it out to me because I couldn’t do it myself.

“She was verging on crying but she was over the moon, so proud.”

Jack Dawson, 18, of Burgess Hill, also earned one A* and three As.

He will now go on to study chemistry and molecular physics at Imperial College London.

He said: “I am pleased and relieved, because I was so nervous waiting for two months.”

Lewis Fowler, 18, of Barns Green, said he was ‘very proud’ after picking up three Bs.

He faced an anxious wait to find out if the grades would qualify him for the business economics course at the University of Leicester he had applied for, but was celebrating after the place was confirmed.

He said: “It was good enough and that’s all that matters - it was a massive relief.”

Keziah Underhill, 17, received three Bs and is set to start an illustration course at the University of Plymouth.

She said: “I want to get into illustration in advertising, children’s books, book covers, that sort of thing.”

Adam Wicking, 18, said: “I’m really chuffed.

“My parents were with me when I looked online, so I already knew when I came in. I couldn’t have dealt with coming in and not knowing.”

Results became available on the internet from 7am this morning, and a majority of college students checked their results online.




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