Horsham Top Trumps champ in UK finals

A Horsham ten-year-old has seen off more than 100,000 school children in a strategic card game to compete to be the UK’s Top Trumps champion in London next Saturday.

Louis Moody, 10, who attends Holbrook Primary School, became one of 12 regional champions from over the UK after battling through a series of online elimination stages for three weeks.

JPCT 260613 Louis, 10 year old Top Trumps champion. Photo by Derek Martin

JPCT 260613 Louis, 10 year old Top Trumps champion. Photo by Derek Martin

Before that he saw off 120 of his schoolmates to become school champion and is now within touching distance of winning the Top Trumps Trophy.

He said: “I just play. I got this far and I’m pleased.

“I’m confident and nervous and very excited.”

He has already won an iPad Mini for the regional championship.

He added: “I am known for being good at Top Trumps but my friends are still pleased to play me.”

Louis has been playing for around five years and his favourite pack is Liverpool FC 2010.

The youngster said playing on the computer was similar to in person but he preferred beating people he knew.

He had been playing with a group of schoolfriends during lunchtime when their teacher asked if they would like to enter into the UK-wide competition.

Dean Nevin, 28, teacher at Holbrook Primary School, said: “Our classrooms were Top Trump rooms for weeks!

“We are all really pleased for Louis. He’s a wonderfully unassuming boy who deserves his success.”

Mr Nevin added: “All I had to do was ask the kids.

“If the children are interested we should promote it and I think it’s good as it’s a strategy game and for taking part in the competition too.”

This year’s Top Trumps school tournament is themed around ‘Digital Heroes’.

Fiona Hortopp, head of marketing at Winning Moves UK, the owner and maker of the Top Trumps brand, said: “Our hearty congratulations to Louis.

“Now we wish him the very best in the grand final where he will be bidding to become the Champion of Champions and lift a gleaming trophy.”

Top Trumps is a comparative card game played mostly by children.

Players win cards by playing the strongest card in each round.

Top Trumps was invented in 1977 and 51 million packs have been made worldwide.

The game is played in 16 different languages including Icelandic and Japanese.