Horsham teenager's poltergeist fears

A POLTERGEIST followed a Horsham teenager home from a night's camping and is now terrorising him and his family, he has claimed.

Stephen Foster, 18, says the ghostly goings-on began when he and his friend Todd Bevis, 16, decided to go camping in St Leonard's Forest, near St John the Evangelist Church at Coolhurst.

More than a month later Stephen is still living in terror since he believes an 'evil force' they encountered in the forest has followed him home.

Doors open and close on their own and he has seen dark shapes flitting around his bedroom.

The family have even invited a paranormal investigation team to visit their home in bid to rid themselves of the ghostly presence.

Following one terrifying night two weeks after the camping trip, Stephen has refused to enter his bedroom and instead sleeps downstairs on the sofa.

During their camping trip, Stephen and Todd said they saw strange lights, heard the sound of a girl screaming, and felt a strange presence try to enter the tent.

His mother Caroline, who works in a care home, has backed up her son's ghoulish tale.

"I don't know what's going on," she said. "I tend to be more sceptical about these things, but there was just no explanation for it."

The family are now awaiting a visit from the Sussex Paranormal Research Group, but in the meantime Stephen says he fears for his safety.

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