Horsham in the firing line for snow

THE Horsham region is still in the firing line for weekend snow, with the working week ending with some very cold overnight temperatures again.

Ian Michaelwaite, of netweather.tv, said: “The very cold, dry air has kept windscreen scraping and icy surfaces to a minimum this week, and that looks to continue tonight (Friday February 3) even with temperatures of -6c or lower in some rural spots.

The predicted ‘battle’ between the cold dry air to the east, and milder moist air to the west will start to make itself felt during Saturday evening, the first sign will be a change in wind direction and increased cloud which will help to stop the temperatures dropping as far as we have seen this week.

“Later Saturday night and into Sunday morning the region will see some snowfall, anything between 5cm and 10cm is possible as the milder air pushes east leaving some lighter snow and sleet showers hanging on through the morning.

“There is still a possibility that the cold air will keep the worst of the snow at bay, but this is starting to look the less likely of two scenarios, so be prepared for the chance of travel disruption overnight and on Sunday morning.

“The working week will begin with temperatures higher than the past week, but still cold, with overnight ground frosts leaving some icy surfaces, particularly under any breaks in the cloud.

“Thawing snow leaving wet untreated surfaces are a particular risk into Tuesday.”

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