Horsham Aus and USA experience weather extremes

Storm clouds
Storm clouds

Horsham’s namesake towns in Australia and the US are experiencing two extremes of weather.

A heatwave ‘down under’ in the Victoria area means that Horsham residents are experiencing temperatures of around 45degC today (Thursday January 16) and tomorrow.

There have been major concerns over fires breaking out and householders have taken precautions of squirting water over their homes and filling their gutters with water.

A local resident has Tweeted us to say that the fires around Horsham “are very much reality. Grampians and surrounding farmers under attack 44degC plus wind.”

Cooler weather is on the way, but there are now concerns about possible large hailstones and flash flooding accompanying severe thunderstorms.

Meanwhile, in Horsham Philadelphia the temperature has remained around freezing for several weeks.

Today, it is a comparativley balmy 5degC (coincidentally around 45deg but in Fahrenheit) - however, it is expected to fall to -6degC by the middle of next week with some more snow showers.

Here in the UK’s Horsham the forecast is... more rain.

Heavy showers are expected for later today with yet more rain on all day Friday.