Video: Awards at last West Sussex LINk meeting

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West Sussex LINk (Local Involvement Network) Stewardship Group marked its last meeting with a presentation to two key members.

Dr Vicki King, group chair for four years, and leading volunteer Tony Reynolds, had their hard work recognised by West Sussex County Council chairman Mike Coleman and Brenda Large JP, Deputy Lieutenant of West Sussex.

LINk groups act as advocates for people receiving health or social care, conducting surveys and talking to patients, then passing their findings on to commissioners.

Dr King told the County Times: “It’s all about improving services for patients.

“Hospitals, I have to say, take the reports seriously and they respond with actions plans on how they plan to put things right.”

She said the system depended on the hard work of the volunteers who carry out their surveys.

Mr Reynolds is a prominent volunteer, and leader of the West Sussex LINk’s Enter and View team, observing service quality first hand.

Mrs Large, acting as The Queen’s representative, said: “We all know how much The Queen values voluntary effort, and her efforts this year have been an endorsement of that.

“I’m just so proud of the people of West Sussex and, on this occasion particularly, of Dr King and Mr Reynolds for what they’ve done.”

From April, LINk’s role will be taken over by Healthwatch.




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