Francis Maude bigger than Justin Bieber on Twitter

Horsham MP Francis Maude shot to Twitter fame this afternoon.
Horsham MP Francis Maude shot to Twitter fame this afternoon.

FRANCIS Maude has been making waves on Twitter this afternoon trending ahead of topics such as Justin Bieber.

The Horsham MP was criticised for his performance on BBC Radio 4’s the Today programme this morning.

Defending Prime Minister David Cameron in the wake of ‘cash for access’ allegations, Mr Maude implied it was normal for large donors to meet ministers at the highest levels of Government.

He then appeared in the House of Commons this afternoon to defend the Government as Minister for the Cabinet Office, which triggered a torrent of tweets on the social media website.

“I don’t suppose Francis Maude ever expected to be trending on Twitter,” one quipped.

“Fresh from his radio car crash this morning, Francis Maude looking for a train to derail in Parliament this afternoon,” another joked.

Another user added: “Francis Maude is made up of 100 per cent contempt.”

“Francis Maude just ‘took one for the team’, total rambling shambolic embarrassment. Will long regret agreeing to stand in for the PM,” Jim Murphy MP commented.

Earlier this morning, Mr Maude told Radio 4 presenter Evan Davies that the so-called scandal was a bit of nonsense.

He said: “People will put forward ideas whether they are donors or not, and do you really want to have politicians who refuse to listen to other people’s ideas? Of course you don’t.”

He said that while large Conservative donors were dining with the Prime Minister, the idea that they were buying influence and policy was absurd.