Finding peace in the chaos

David Skipp left with his wife Helen Skipp (far right) and Jean Rose (centre) chatting over coffee after the service

David Skipp left with his wife Helen Skipp (far right) and Jean Rose (centre) chatting over coffee after the service

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Noise is one commodity which is not in short supply. It pervades and permeates our lives in many ways from the rumble of traffic, to mobile phones, from aircraft noise to piped music in shopping malls and even when we attend the doctor’s surgery there is some form of background music.

Our senses are bombarded by numerous sounds and often we crave silence in order to think.

The need for time and space to reflect and pray in quietness is important for many and at the Baptist Church which I attend in Brighton Road, a chapel, simply furnished, is available as an oasis of peace for those who wish to be quiet and reflect or pray.

I was struck by the response of the people in the Welsh valley where little April Jones was abducted. They marched to the church to offer prayers for the child and her family, recognising that out of their concern and prayers there was a strengthening of that community.

Prayer is a way of showing concern for other people and situations beyond our control, and Jesus often went to a quiet place to pray for those amongst whom he was living.

There is a hymn, voted the nation’s favourite, Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, which expresses the need for quietness in our lives and the words obviously resonate with many people who recognise that in a bustling vibrant and noisy world there is a need to take time out to think, reflect and develop some order.

I value the quiet times as I enjoy the activity of life with all its challenges, but the final lines of the hymn encourage balance and perspective.

‘Speak through the earthquake, wind and fire, O still small voice of calm.’

Contributed by David Skipp of Brighton Road Baptist Church.

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