Farlington’s trip to Battle Abbey

Farlington's trip to Battle Abbey SUS-141114-111123001
Farlington's trip to Battle Abbey SUS-141114-111123001
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Autumn sunshine greeted Farlington’s Prep 5 when they visited Battle Abbey as part of their history studies on the Normans on Monday November 3.

The nine and ten-year-olds were full of enthusiasm as they toured the battlefield and imagined what it must have been like when the Saxon army, under King Harold, faced the mighty cavalry of William Duke of Normandy in 1066.

The Discovery Workshop allowed the girls to try out some shields and feel the weight of chainmail. They also looked at, and handled, some ferocious weapons from two-handed swords to the mighty battle-axe. Armed with shields, Prep 5 took part in a mini re-enactment of the battle, complete with bloodcurdling war cries! A fantastic and stimulating day’s adventure.

Report and pictures contributed by Farlington School.