Buddhism day at Rydon

Buddhist Day at Rydon Community College
Buddhist Day at Rydon Community College
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Our Year 8 pupils are studying Buddhism in their Religious Education lessons this term and as part of this learning they were treated to day off timetable to look at this eastern religion.

During the morning they took part in creating Buddhist art, acted out the life of the Buddha in Drama, had a go at tai chi and designed a board game on the laws of karma.

In the afternoon, a Buddhist monk and nun from the Bodhisattva Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Centre in Brighton were invited to school to talk about their own lives and to answer questions from the pupils. During the talk the monk and nun lead a quiet meditation session which seemed to go down well with the pupils – Jessica Gilder said “meditating was amazing and it made me very calm and happy”; Rebekah Pavey added “I realy liked it, because of the meditation and the talk that the Buddhist monk gave us, amazing way of learning”. There were other general comments made about the whole days experience – Ben Waring said “The day was interesting and I learnt a lot from the monk. It made learning about a new religion fun”. Alex Vojdani commented “It was a brilliant opportunity to learn about the Buddhist way of life”.