Debut film wins international acclaim

AN INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Horsham film maker has taken UK critics by storm with his debut expose on controversies over airline air supply.

Tristan Loraine's hard-hitting Michael Moore-style airline industry documentary Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines seeks to unearth the truth behind allegations aeroplane air supplies contain toxic fumes from lethal engine oil.

The investigative piece, featuring interviews with top politicians, scientists, lords and doctors picked up rave reviews when it previewed in Paris on Friday November 23.

The Storrington born former airline pilot spent 20 years inside the airline industry.

He said he hoped his film would make passengers and airline companies think again.

"This is something that had to be said.

"The film is about what the airlines don't tell you in the pre-flight safety briefings."

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines will be shown as part of the Cinecity Film Festival in Brighton on Sunday December 2.

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