VIDEO: Thieves ransack Slinfold Golf and Country Club of trophies

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A disappointed manager says 20 years of history has ‘gone down the drain’ after thieves ransacked Slinfold Golf and Country Club of more than 50 trophies in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday December 18).

Thieves battered down the doors using a sledge hammer before swiping between 50 and 60 trophies just before 3am.

They were in and out within a minute and a half.

The haul is worth around £5,000, but many trophies - such as those presented in ‘memorial’ golf matches - hold a priceless sentimental value.

General manager Andy McNiven told the County Times: “We have a lovely club here and a great atmosphere, so it is terrible that the staff and the members have been inconvenienced and upset by a couple of mindless idiots after a quick buck.

“The monetary value of the trophies wasn’t very high, it is more the sentimental value to the members to be honest.”

He added: “The thieves must have been quite disappointed with their haul when they got it home.”




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