Creative writing taster day

Creative writing taster day at Christ's Hospital SUS-141107-094937001
Creative writing taster day at Christ's Hospital SUS-141107-094937001

Christ’s Hospital School recently ran another successful taster day for Year 5 children from twelve state primary schools in Sussex, London and Kent.

The focus for the day, entitled ‘Travellers to an Antique Land’, was creative writing. Pupils enjoyed exercises based on classic poems by Shelley, who was born in nearby Warnham, and Coleridge, who was a student at the School in the early 19th century.

Under the watchful eye of Mr Stephen Walsh, the head of English, some children wrote their own versions of Shelley’s ‘Ozymandias’ on the basis of seeing the statues on the Christ’s Hospital campus. Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan’ was the inspiration for Dr Ruth Brading’s group, with the ancient Mongol emperor’s palace being transformed into a fantasy world made of sweets in the new versions created!

“The children were fantastic both in terms of their creativity and also in working together on the projects” said Stephen Walsh.

“These taster days allow pupils from all walks of life to see Christ’s Hospital from the inside, and if one or two are inspired to feel that the school is for them then it’s a day well spent for everyone.”

Report contributed by Christ’s Hospital. Picture by Toby Phillips.