Council staff turn out in force to oppose proposed changes to terms and conditions

Council staff facing a reduction in car allowance and redundancy pay turned out in force at meeting to discuss a review of their terms and conditions tonight (Thursday January 17).

Around 70 staff at Horsham District Council packed the chamber’s public gallery, while an estimated 40 watched the Personnel Committee proceedings from the Capitol Theatre in North Street.

The committee approved the three resolutions: consultation with employees on the revised terms and conditions, consultation with the unions, and that if an agreement could not be reached to terminate existing contracts and offer employment on the new terms.

Under the revised conditions, redundancy pay would be slashed, leased cars replaced with essential car user payment, and charges introduced for staff car parking.

The move is part of a transformation programme aimed at delivered a total of £1.25m savings, needed to plug a £2.6m deficit according to chief executive Tom Crowley.

Six officers stepped up to raise concerns on behalf of the staff, while councillors reported that 68 emails had been received from worried employees.

Bruce Milton, one of the speakers, said: “This report is grossly unfair and has more holes than a sponge. Throw it out. We are not the problem we are your biggest asset.

Roy Cornell (Con, Roffey South) said: “Bruce we take no pleasure from making some serious and awful decisions.”

For a full report of the meeting see next Thursday’s County Times.