Children in Year Five at St Mary’s CE Primary school enjoyed success at the Horsham Gaming competition run by Tanbridge House School.

Prize winners from St Mary's School.
Prize winners from St Mary's School.

The children designed games that could be controlled externally, using a ‘MakeyMakey’ kit, then used their coding expertise to create on-line games. One game, ‘Tutti Fruity’, involved an on-screen flying strawberry and some evil sweets, the aim of the game being to collect the highest number of pips.

The external controller consisted of marshmallows, marzipan and a real strawberry. Tutti Fruity won the overall best game choice.

Skateboard Shuffle was chosen as the Tanbridge Students’ choice, and was controlled by using bare feet on a skateboard, to make the on-screen character jump and duck.

The school is delighted with their success. Ms Sturgeon the Year 5 teacher and Deputy Head said: “All the children have learned a great deal, enhancing their ICT skills though the experience.

“We are very grateful to Tanbridge for giving our pupils this opportunity.”